Beach Hotel is situated on the beach in the middle of the fishing village of Jacumã in North Eastern Brazil. The nearest city is Joao Pessoa, a reknown trade and recreation city with nearly a million inhabitants. The location is the utmost eastern point of the South American continent. Jacumã lies in the municipality of Conde in Paraiba, one of the safest districts in Brazil.

Jacumã has been for many years, and still is, a beach resort visited by people from all over Brazil. They enjoy the beauty of the beaches of the area.

 This is also an ecological area. Along parts of the coast there are mangrove swamps through which sweet water rivers hit the ocean. Jacumã is still an active fishing village and a typical Brazilian country village. Still a tranquil area, on the verge of becoming the next spot to be hit by international tourism. It is worth a visit before it is changing.

Beach Hotel Jacumâ, tel: +55 (0) 83 8876 6284